Pilot Tube Microtunnelling

pilot tube microtunneling B110


11T Pilot Tube Microtunnelling

Ideal for short road crossings. First smallest auger boring system...read more

pilot tube microtunneling B250


25T Pilot Tube Microtunnelling

Most productive Pilot Tube Micro Tunnelling machine in the range...read more

pilot tube microtunneling B750


50T Pilot Tube Microtunnelling

Will install up to 450mm dia. gravity sewer pipe over 60m long at 10m deep in coast line soil conditions ...read more

 The Pilot Tube Microtunnelling Machines are designed and optimized for gravity sewer, water and drainage underground services.

Where a high level of accuracy is required, our microtunnelling machines and Under Road Boring machines are most suited to soft ground conditions such as sand, soft clays and mixed ground condition.

NO DIG Equipment manufactures microtunnelling equipment from the highest quality material for the highest requirements.

These machines are specifically designed to install in-grade pipelines and gravity applications in soft ground conditions.

A wide range of material can be installed using our machines such as PVC, clay, concrete and fiberglass pipes. Our microtunnelling systems are installing 1m of pipe at a time.

We have facility in-house to provide you with the right machined pipe. Machined Male/Female pipe provide a smooth Outside Diameter for self support in the ground and most of all create a smooth surface inside so whatever the fluid pass in, in will run smoothly with no 'spoil catch' area.


B110 pilot tube microtunneling


B250 microtunneling


B750 Microtunneling 2012model thumb

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