B750 - 50T push microtunnelling

B750 Microtunneling 2012model

Our Most Powerful Microtunnelling Machine.

The B750 microtunnelling machine can perform in a wide range of soil conditions. The process is extremely precise with deviations from target less than +/- 20mm (3/4") over 60m.

 Designed to perform the best in sandy ground condition to install gravity sewer and drainage pipe up to 400mm in diameter.

It is particularly suited for gravity sewer application where a high level of accuracy is required. A wide variety of pipe materials can be installed including Concrete, Steel, fibreglass and PVC Piping.

Finally a microtunnelling machine with plenty of power. Once a shaft has been excavated at both the start and end of the planned installation line, the B750 microtunnelling machine is lowered into position.  A pilot tube is then driven underground towards the target shaft.

A cutter head, screw conveyor and the pipe to be installed are then attached and jacked behind the pilot tube hole.  The cutter head bores through the soil as new segments of the pipe are attached and driven forward.

Once the pipe has reached the target shaft, the auger and casing inside the pipe are extracted completing the pipeline.

B750 microtunnelling SPECIFICATION
Pilot Tube System Model B750
Torque (max): 3,500Nm (2600 lbft)
Speed Range: 0 - 100 rpm
Thrust (max): 50T (110,000 lb)
Stroke (3 stage): 1219mm (48")
Base Rig Dimensions: 2050mm L x 1250mm W x 1450mm H
Pipe Sizes Installed: Up to 400mm diameter
Boring Distances: 60m dependant on ground conditions
Operating Pit Size: 2.4 dia / 2.4 x 1.5m rect
Guidance System: Electronic Theodolite
c/w 90 Deg, eye piece, 10 sec. accuracy
Hydraulic Power Pack: Detroit VM Turbo Diesel Engine
62kW (80Hp) @ 2600rpm (cont. rating.)
200 Lpm (54 GPM) @ 2000 PSI


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