B250 - 25T push microtunnelling

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Our Most Productive Microtunnelling Machine

This unique machine gives contractors the versatility of a small light weight drill rig combined with real power.  And because the B250 microtunnelling machine is not too small neither too big, it is easily moveable with relatively small equipment, giving microtunnelling or under road boring contractors the best production rate.

This unit is 1.90m (75") in length and only 0.75m (30") wide. This allows access into those confined spaces where the conventional auger boring machines can't go.

 Designed to install gravity sewer and drainage pipes in sandy ground condition, the machine is specifically set up to install 150mm (6") to 300mm (12") diameter pipe to grade and line. Bore length in excess of 60 m (200') and grades of 1 in 200 have been achieved with this unit in depth to 6m (13ft) below ground level.

A horizontal directional drilling rig as well

The B250 microtunnelling machine can also be configured as a horizontal directional drilling rig, and can even be fitted with an air hammer to drill through solid rock. However sewer accuracy can't be guaranteed in these conditions.

Very popular in the drain & plumbing industry. The engineered simplicity and versatility make this rig an ideal tool for drainers, plumbers and any other contractors associated with trenchless installation of underground services.

B250 microtunnelling SPECIFICATION
Pilot Tube System Model B250
Torque (max): 2,250Nm (1660 lbft)
Speed Range: 0 - 150 rpm
Thrust (max): 25T (55,000 lb)
Stroke (3 stage): 1219mm (48")
Base Rig Dimensions: 1900mm L x 750mm W x 1200mm H
Pipe Sizes Installed: Up to 300mm diameter
Boring Distances: 60m dependant on ground conditions
Operating Pit Size: 2.4 dia / 2.4 x 1.5m rect (8' dia or 5' rectangular)
Guidance System: Electronic Theodolite
c/w 90 Deg, eye piece, 10 sec. accuracy
Hydraulic Power Pack: Detroit VM Turbo Diesel Engine
62kW (80Hp) @ 2600rpm (cont. rating.)
200 Lpm (54 GPM) @ 2000 PSI


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B250 microtunneling


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